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Reclaim your creative expression

Master Guides

WEndy 1_edited.jpg

Wendy Anderson- Expedition Lead

"Irreverant, fiercely playful, mischievous, wildly imaginative - uniqueness taken to a new level."

"I'm impressed with her versatility - the swiss army knife of talent." - Terry Gilliam

Krista Dalby - Expert Guide/Local Hero!!

"I knew instantly that Krista was a critical hub of our wildly talented creative community and a serious champion for our arts scene. The force behind so many creative events - passionate and instrumental!"

Lonelle Selbo of Life au Lait

Krista Dalby out standing in her field_e
Chris B_edited.jpg

Chef Chris Byrne - Plant Based Food Magician

"Chef Chris Byrnes is an artist, alchemist and healer. Every single plate is a work of creative genius. The choice and combination of elements is surprising and delicious."

Arwyn Carpenter - Extreme Mover/Shaker

"Arwyn is a truly gifted and effective teacher. She sets an atmosphere of learning which is dynamic, focused and extremely positive, in fact I have rarely seen a teacher anywhere in the world this capable."  -Mavis Staines, AD, Canada's National Ballet School

Screenshot (97)_edited.png

Hri Neil - Music Sculptor/Master of Much

Hri is fierce! What doesn't he do?? And do well! I'm kinda humbled by his artistic muscles!

"Energetic, collaborative, diverse and focused on community. Also known as D.J.  Ombudsman"

- Janet Davies

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